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Josh and Lauren's Wedding | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

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The day had arrived. Their relationship had waited 10 years for this moment, and Josh and Lauren were SO thrilled to begin their new life together surrounded by as many friends and family as they could pack into their beloved church! 

From the very beginning, they knew their wedding would be a huge celebration. A day to remember the God who had brought them together, and a day to rejoice with the family and friends that had supported them along the way. 

Josh and Lauren are the perfect mix of sentimental, fun, and classy, and I loved the beautiful details they incorporated into their wedding! 


Lauren was so blessed to be surrounded by some of her closest girlfriends - girls that had supported and encouraged her throughout her life. 

She made a STUNNING bride!! :)

No joke: I almost cried during their first look!


Josh's reaction was SO priceless, and Lauren just giggled with delight! 

It was a lovely April day, and the morning sun was just glorious to work with!

I just love this photo!! 

Josh is such a classy guy!!


Lauren, we told you this a million times, but your dress was PERFECT for you!! 

Their bridal party was so fun and laid back! 

And they fearlessly followed me into the woods (mud!) without a complaint! :)

Lauren has such special relationships with her family and she had so many precious moments with them before the wedding. 

And Josh cried again when he saw his bride approaching him. 

Their vows were beautifully written and did an amazing job capturing their love and commitment for each other! 


Both Josh and Lauren wanted to have a huge celebration following their wedding ceremony, and it was one of the most unique (and fun!) receptions I'd ever been a part of! 

Even Grandma made it out onto the dance floor! :)


So sweet!

Josh and Lauren, THANK YOU so much for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day!! There was never a dull moment, and we loved capturing your beautiful love for each other. Praying that God blesses your marriage above and beyond what you could ever dream - we love you guys!! :)