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Kemmling Family | Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer

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Last year I fell in love with these red-haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned, lovely children... and I was SO thrilled when my dentist has me to do their photos again!! They even added a sweet baby into the mix, making their lovely family a nice even 6. :)

We met up by the Kauffman Center downtown Kansas City and explored the long grass and awesome architecture! 

Mom picked out the most beautiful headpieces for the girls, and I just LOVED the personality it added to their photos!

So sweet!

I was so jealous of the girls' dresses! They loved twirling and it made me want to be little again. :)

I love how this family loves each other. Their children obviously enjoy spending time together and the deep bond they share is so evident! 

Silly kids... :)

Dad can carry all his girls at once!!

Mike and Chris, thanks SO much for letting me photograph your beautiful family yet again! It was SO much fun! :)