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Location, location, location

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Location, location, location.

I'm a location shooter.

Location is everything for an "on-location" photographer like myself. It gives the feel of the shoot, it dictates how much we can move around, it adds personality to the subject, it sets the color scheme...

Location does a lot!

A lot of people call or email me asking Where should we do our photo shoot?

Great question! :) Guess what? I'm here to help!

First of all, when we choose a location, keep in mind what type of photos you want. Do you like buildings or open fields? Run down barns or sandy beaches? Woods or paved sidewalks? Each location will give you a different type of feel. The session is about showing you and your personality, so think where you'd rather be - would you rather be relaxing with your family in a grassy field somewhere, or exploring downtown alley's with your fiance?

Let me show you some examples!

I chose this location for this family....

Their kids love being crazy and hilarious! :) It had a bunch of space to move around, and I LOVED the buildings as a backdrop.

Along the same lines, I did a shoot with this couple downtown Minneapolis - I loved the brown door backdrop, and the architecture was super fun to play with!

This adorable senior LOVES red barns and snow... we opted for a super cute red house that had some awesome evergreen's nearby.

I did this super cute family at a local park near our houses. They are super laid back, so it fit perfectly! Since it was right on the beach, we got some awesome sandy toes shots and even some on the dock by the water. Yay! :)

You remember this couple, right? Well, we had a blast exploring some random woods together! :) (Literally, we stopped on the side of the road and dived into the trees... it was epic!) After we explored the wonderful woods, we stopped by a cemetery.


A cemetery. It sounds creepy.... but it was amazing!! I have amazing clients. :)

This couple wanted something super casual and laid back - just like themselves. We chose Delano - small town, fun alleys, awesome railroad tracks to play on - it has it all! :)

This awesome family had a specific location in mind! (I LOVE when my clients do that... it makes their experience so much more personal!) They all love music a ton... so it seemed like the obvious choice! We had plenty of space to run around and we found some neat alleys nearby with gorgeous light!

This little cutie is such a little stinker! (She must be related...)

We didn't have much time for her 3 year pictures, so we grabbed a blanket and headed for a local park. Can you imagine photographing this sweetie by a brick building downtown? The look and feel of the images would be completely different! Her mom wanted something simple and laid back - it worked perfectly! :)

This rockin' awesome senior wanted pictures downtown Wayzata - she wanted something a little bit more upscale with a cleaner feel, while still relaxed and casual. We had the freedom to explore all the streets and buildings in a small area - it was great! So many different places for great pictures... I might have to go back! :)

I hope that makes sense.... If you have questions, just let me know! I hope it helps make things a little bit more clear about why I go to different locations for different people. Maybe it will even help you figure out what you want for your session! :)

Happy Wednesday!