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Lunch with my family

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Laughter fills the house as we cook lunch. My family is together, and that usually means laughter.  


We fight over baby Leo... mom uses the "I'm the grandma" trump card.



She pulls out some old Happy Fathers/Mothers Day cards that we made when we were little... and we laugh over handwriting, hearts, and misspelled words.



I look around and drink in the sounds of my sisters giggles, while the boys sit on the deck and talk technology.



The grandchildren are not to be left out from the photos, and I have to convince Evie not to smile.



I look around for my husband and can't see him. Then I hear shrieks from the girls - of course, he's with the kids.



They start to pack up the kids - it's time to go. I grab one more photo of my favorite little red-haired boy and convince him to give me a kiss.



Lunch with my family.