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Mary Jean - One Year Old

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Happy New Years Eve! This time last year I was snuggling my brand new hour-old baby, and now I’m blogging as she’s furiously crawling up the stairs in our house. Oh, how times change… :)

(Insert here all the predictable things parents say about how they can’t believe how fast their kids/pets/babies have grown! They’re ALL true.)

We love our one year old baby girl, and it’s been so fun to watch her grow this last year.

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A few random tidbits about our one year old:

  • She’s standing, crawling, and just about to walk. She loves to climb the stairs and keep mama on her toes. Her favorite things to play with include her stacking cups, random bits and pieces of paper, and all of her books.

  • Her first word was HI! Needless to say, she takes after her dad and is such an extrovert! She loves meeting new people, smiling at strangers in the store, and saying Hiiii at random times and to random people.

  • She loves bathtime because WATER. Splashing, swimming, and playing in Pixel’s water dish (oops) are some of her favorite activities! Dad is already scheming the best ways to install a pool in the backyard so he can spend his summer days swimming with his daughter.

  • Our beagle puppy is still her favorite. Pixel has discovered that Mary can now throw her food, and that makes Pixel a very eager and pleased puppy to have such a good partner in crime. I can’t wait to watch them play together in the years to come.

  • To no one’s great surprise, she absolutely loves music. Sunil’s nightly routine is to get home from work and dance in the kitchen with his sweet girl; Mary appreciates everything from Beethoven to Michael Jackson to John Legend. She has good taste. :) Much to my delight, her favorite song is the theme song from the TV show Parks and Recreation, but she also really enjoys the Spanish videos mom plays for her on YouTube.

She’s pretty cute and we’ve decided to keep her around forever. Happy birthday, baby squish!