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First it was Sunil, and then me. It had finally caught up with us. Trying to beat the onslaught of headaches and colds, I don't think we got out of bed much all weekend. These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of trips, Easter Sunday, driving through the night, getting sick and rain storms. Not that I dislike all of those things... 'cause believe me, I LOVE a good storm. Mostly from the safety of indoors. But life is busy. Aren't we all busy? And don't we all cling to this idea that just maybe... someday... eventually life will slow down...

The short answer? Nope.

If I get stuck waiting for life to slow down, I'll miss all the fast moments in between. Like a whirlwind of trips (but we got to see all our family!), Easter Sunday (but there were 275 people there!!!), driving through the night (but we didn't fall asleep at the wheel!), sickness (but we stayed in bed for a whole weekend!!) and rain storms (yay for green grass!).

Taking pictures helps me remember... and although I don't always have my camera with me, I always have my phone (aka Instagram) with me.

So this is my life in photos.


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Happy Monday! :)