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New product and price change!

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Today is Monday.

Monday is usually my sabbath, but instead... I'm working. Good thing I love my job, right? :)

I wanted to inform ya'll about my price increase coming up! Since I'm out of college and I have "real bills" to pay, I'll be increasing my session fee slightly starting in July. However, if you contact me before July for a photo session, you get the discounted price! Yay for good deals! :)

On another completely unrelated note, I'm offering a sweet new product.


It's  called the, "I'm so cool that I get to carry around a bunch of pictures in one little wallet sized accordion book" brag book.

(Not really... )

It's doubled sided, and doubly amazing.

I got one for my mother for Mother's Day, and she carried it around in her purse to show off her kids and grandkids. How cute is that??

Now, if only it was a circle...