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Of travel dates and circles

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Circles. I'm very fond of circles. Some people call it obsession, I call it "a very strong interest". My plates have circles. My glasses have circles. My bedspread has circles. My decorations are circles. My bathroom has stripes. (Don't ask me how that happened...)

So when my husband called me from Ikea and asked if I wanted a polka dot pillow for our living room... well... duh!! (I have a very smart husband. Some people call it nerdiness, I call it genius.)

I'm obsessed.



On to more important things... I've decided to post my Minnesota dates again! These are the dates that I'll be back in Minneapolis and available for sessions! June booked up fast, so email me if you want to schedule something!


August 17-21 (Friday-Monday)

September 21-30 (Friday-Sunday)


Happy circle Monday!