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Poor Thunder Family | In Home Family Photographer

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Being invited into someone's home for a photo session is a special thing.


It's almost sacred. 

To see the nooks and crannies they inhabit on a daily basis.... 


And to be given permission to invade and capture the comforts of their safe place. 

I always feel as though I'm seeing a family for real. For who they really are. 


Where they live, where they cry, where they laugh and snuggle, and where they make plans and dream about the future. 

It's both a privilege and a honor. 


Jesse and Elisa, thank you so much for letting me come by your adorable little home to photograph your sweet munchkin!! Ethel is precious and you are so blessed to be her parents. Thanks for inviting me into your home and for showing me how you live and love together! Much love! <3