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Pretty lights, cool stuff, and new VSCO filters!

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It's Wednesday. Hump day. The weekend seems far away... I feel like I have ADD, and I'm longing for some time off!! Looking at pictures of my weekend makes me feel better... and gives me an excuse to show off my new VSCO film filters. :)  

Here's what my weekend looked like.



Adorable friends.



Picnics in random parks.



Meeting new friends.



That cliche sunglasses picture.



Random antique shops...



Full of bizarre things... (wha??)



Expensive, gorgeous jewelry...



Shopping for each other...



And other "cool stuff".



(Like pretty lights!)



And because every girl deserves an adorable photo of themselves...



I like to take pictures of my friends.



To make them feel beautiful.



Because they are.




Happy Wednesday! :)