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Published on La Petite Peach!

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I'm trying to get into the habit of setting goals. Not just goals for my personal life, but goals for my business. Goals like...  read 5 business books before next year. Purchase a new camera case. And start working on a manual for Amanda Joy Photography. Well, one of my goals this year was to get published on a blog or on a magazine. I want to get feedback  about my work from other professionals... and besides, being published creates a lot of word of mouth! :) About a month ago I started submitting sessions to different blogs that feature family photography. The first rejection is completely terrifying... but I kept trying.

Last week I received an email back from La Petite Peach saying they loved my images and couldn't wait to feature them on July 19th!! WOOHOO!!

So go check out this post to see them on their website, and go here to check out my original blog post of their session! Yay for being published, and congrats to Becky and Andy and their beautiful family!! :)