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Quality time, rustic cabins, and the occasional truck

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It's Valentine's Day. Cue the media's push for chocolates, flowers, expensive date nights, and mostly men-being-thankful-it-only-happens-once-a-year.  


I can't really have chocolate. Flowers... well... they die(unless they're fake; and that's no fun). And expensive dates make me uncomfortable sometimes. You see, I'm a quality time girl. You could wine and dine me all day, but what I really crave is time with those I love.

(Side note: The following photo is our attempt to show how much our husbands love each other, and how difficult it is to keep them separate. Sometimes they need to be reminded who they married. Ahem. End side note.)



Last weekend was just such a weekend. Our church had a leadership retreat at a gorgeously rustic, isolated cabin with acres of four-wheeling trails and a porch swing. (A porch swing!!)

The best part? You couldn't hear the highway. Not even a truck.



(Actually, I exaggerated. You could hear the occasional truck.)



But more valuable than the crazy fun four-wheeling, the porch swing (although it was heavenly), and the isolated rustic cabin... was the quality time spent with those I love.



Especially with this Indian.



He's my favorite. And today, he's my valentine. :)

(Happy 1st married Valentine's Day, love!)