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Rachel and Charlie | Kansas City Proposal Photographer

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Let's just say.... Rachel knew it was coming. She'd been waiting for 11 years for this guy to pop the question, and she even knew that he was looking at rings. She was hopeful, yet patiently biding her time for him to plan his moment. 

The evening quickly arrived. Dressing up, romantic dinner, walk on the plaza. 

In perfect Charlie & Rachel moment, Charlie said all the right things (of course), and Rachel had the best sarcastic reply.  And suddenly it didn't matter anymore if it was cold outside. 


The plaza shops gave us the perfect window light to capture their moments of joy!! 

YAY!! Being engaged is the BEST!

Charlie did an amazing job of picking out the most perfect, unique, vintage ring for his bride. He knows her so well. :) 

Congrats, you lovebirds!! So exciting to see how you guys have grown together in the last 2 years, and I'm so thankful we've been able to be part of it!! Love you guys!