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Redemption | Engagement Family Session

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It was a year ago that I sat on her couch for the first time. We chatted back and forth about life and our dream weddings. She graciously showed me around the best parts of Kansas City with her son, Isaiah. Only a year before, Jesus changed her life and she was bursting with excitement. She's so beautiful.  


(Side note: Isaiah is the sweetest, most hilarious kid - EVER. End side note.)



A few months later she met Adam. They worked together, and he had a son too. Adam didn't know Jesus... but he was about to.  You can thank Moriah for that.



Jesus won over Adam's heart, and then Adam won over Moriah's heart. How beautiful is that?



They're getting married next spring; two families joining together.



They inspire me.



Two families. Two backgrounds. Two full, messy, beautiful lives. Two people... becoming one.



And even the boys are excited... :)



Moriah wanted some family photos done with all of them together... "Consider it an engagement family session!" I told her.



So we played.



And celebrated life.



Baby Jeremiah was born just a few weeks ago - such an adorable baby!



Adam is already smitten with him...









And so are the rest of the boys.



Here's what inspires me: Out of all the hard things they've each been through, out of all the mistakes they've made... God is graciously showing them redemption.



Grace. Freedom.



Freedom to be intentional. Freedom to change.  Because that's exactly what God is doing in them...



And that's what's inspiring.