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Sneak peaks - yay!

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So... I work with amazing people.

No really. I do. :)

And... I had a bunch of session last weekend with amazing people.

Can I show you some?

First there was adorable and lovely Bekah... And her amazing violin. Yay for adventures!

And then I had a wedding! But that's a different story... Look for those coming soon!! :)

So next I had this completely delicious family. Yes. Delicious. They made me want to squish them all together and drink in their cute-ness. AHH!! :) We had so much fun... :)

Then I did the completely beautiful and in love Jeremy and Becca.  I mean. Look at those hands! :)

(I told you!)

And... to end it all... I finished with the best model of all time.

And she just turned five.

Can you say... fierce?

Happy Monday!! :)