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Summer Vacation | Lake Tahoe

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Travel is something I don't get to do a lot of, but I'm SO thankful for the opportunities that come my way. This summer I had the opportunity to shoot weddings on both ends of the country - New Jersey and California! Travel is always so much more fun when you're with friends, and I had so much fun adventuring with my wonderful friend Allison. :) When two photographers go on vacation you know you're going to end up with a LOT of photos - so I've done my very best to narrow down my favorites. :)

The first weekend we shot one of my weddings in New Jersey and got a chance to wander down to the beach! Yay water! :)

You're so cute, Allison! :)

The second week, I got to second shoot with Allison with one of her weddings in Lake Tahoe! The day after the wedding, our husbands flew in to join us for a week long vacation together - yay for rest. :)

During the week we got to climb up and down a beautiful mountain. The view up top was spectacular and the water below was gorgeous! 

Of course we did couple shots... and of course Sunil pretended to propose.... :)

The weather was picture perfect, and Sunil and I enjoyed the non-humid sunshine as often as we could. 

Yay for being adults and mini golfing! 


We spent as much time at the beach as our sunburned shoulders would allow... :)

And then we did a big fun photo shoot the evening of our last day together! 

Allison's skirt was SO CUTE!! 

Aww... :)

We couldn't get over how beautiful the lake was!! Made me wish we could take some bodies of water back to Kansas with us... 

So thankful for such lovely adventures! :)