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Thankful day!

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Yesterday it started before we woke up. Snowflake after snowflake piled up as far as we could see out of our window. I was relieved we didn't have to go anywhere, and I was extra thankful that Sunil's work had already issued a snow day. And seeing how Kansas doesn't really know what snowplows are... much less know how to even work them... he got today off too.

Which means God just handed us a 4 day weekend.


In response, I am hereby declaring today as thankful day. I'm thankful...

- That we didn't have to go anywhere yesterday or today. (Except walk to mailbox and back in the beautiful snow!)

- For pajamas. (They're comfy.)

- For sleeping in and breakfast with my love. (Nuthin' better.)

- That I work from home. (Duh!)

- For my husband and his computer bug squashing capabilities. (He comes in handy so often!)

- That we celebrated Valentine's Day on Monday. (Which, I might add... Sunilย also got off... so I'm also thankful for...)

- A 2 day workweek. (Now I feel lazy.)

- For self portraits in our living room. (And his cute squinty eyes!)

- For rest. (Thank you, Jesus for inventing rest.)



Hope your weekend is as restful as mine! :)