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The Bailey Story

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Becky does my hair, I do her pictures. It's a pretty fair trade, consider how fast my hair grows! While I was up Minneapolis last weekend, I squeezed them in for some pictures - and technically, it was about Cari's 4th birthday, but I couldn't help but get some of their entire family (you wouldn't either if you were me!).  


If you haven't met them...  you should.



Drive up to Minneapolis right now and go visit them.



Becky is an organized, generous, no nonsense mom. If she says she's leaving at 9:15, the bags are sitting by the door at 9:00, the shoes are on at 9:10, and the kids are in the car at 9:13. Every. Time. 



Cari is the middle child. Mischievous, playful and sweet, she's kind of along for the ride and is always trying to keep up with her big sister.



Daddy is quiet, gentle and a big teddy bear inside. He's a blue collar guy - works hard for his family no matter what the weather - and is never too busy for his precious children. (But he doesn't like pictures. Hence, the headless shot.)



The light was dancing along the side of the path, and even though MN is jumping with ticks... I desperately wanted the birthday girl in those flowers.



For shots like this...



And this. (MELT!)



And even this.






This is Levi. He's the newest addition, and the only little boy.



Once a giggly baby, Levi has mellowed to be an inquisitive, observant little man.



I worked hard for him to smile! (Those are coming later...)



My favorite thing about this family is that they have red hair. Seriously. Call it whatever you want - strawberry blonde, auburn, or brown. It's red, people! And it's beautiful.






My other favorite thing about this family is how they interact.



Becky's started to think like a photographer... she knows exactly what to give me... :)



And since it was hot... after we got all the "important" shots, we settled down to play.



This is my favorite part of any shoot... I step back, they relax, this happens.



And maybe even this.












And in case you didn't notice... they're in love.



That's kind of how the story started.