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When Ashley and Micah told us they were pregnant, we were THRILLED. Not only because we love them so much and are SO excited that they get to be parents... but because we knew they would be some of the most loving, understanding, genuine and adorable parents ever. Thankfully, the pregnancy was a (relatively) smooth process and when little Rylan made his entrance on July 4th... we all knew he'd be a little firecracker. ;)

I was SO honored that they chose me to document their sweet family just two weeks after Rylan was born. 

blog 1.jpg

Capturing young families is my FAVORITE. But capturing brand-spanking-new-parents as they oogle over their new little baby? Pretty sure I have the easiest job ever! Seriously, all I had to do was tell them to love on their son and I got THIS. 


And this!! :)

Rylan was tuckered out... looking good for the camera is hard work! 


I love how they chose red, white and blue outfits for some of the photos... loving the 4th of July theme! :)

blog 2.jpg

He's clearly SO happy in his momma's arms... and loved the skin-to-skin time he got with papa. :)

He'll clearly be a Jayhawks fan... :)


Since Micah is a Wyandotte county cop, we got to use his badge for a few photos! I can't wait until Rylan is old enough to play with daddy's hat. :)

Micah and Ashley, thanks SO much for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family! You guys are pros at parenting already and I can't wait to learn all of the tips and tricks from you when we have kids of our own someday. :) Love you guys so much!