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Sometimes in photoshoots you let the little people lead. 

You give them the space to be crazy, silly, and giggly. 

Other times, you let the big people lead. 

You remind them that they were once little people too... and wait for them to break out of their shell. 

Sometimes the little people act like big people... 

And your heart melts in a big puddle of sweetness. 


Sometimes jokes about bodily functions transcend big and little people... 

And make everyone very giggly. 

Sometimes little people act like big people in such a cool way that you can't wait for them to become big people.

They're going to make some pretty awesome big people.

Sooner or later, big or little, no one is really leading. 

It's just one pile of love. 

And everyone gets a chance to be little... 

And big. 

Little people are my favorite people. 

But big people aren't so bad either. :)