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The Jackson Family and Seniors | Lifestyle Family Photographer

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When you photograph the same families for several years, you start to notice trends. 

Cute moments with children turn into actual real-life moments of adults with character and life and personalities.


Marriages grow stronger and deeper and more seasoned with experience and tenderness. 

Little kids grow up to become adults who graduate high school... 

And drive cars... 

And become real people who make real decisions about real life changes....

And take their chances and dive into the big wide world waiting for them. 

And that's exactly what I got to see with this dear family. 

A family all grown up, twins who are ready to be off on their own, and little people who have turned into adults overnight. 

With big smiles and enough confidence to shake the world. 

Jackson family, Davey, and Clay... what can I say? We have the best of times and I get the bestest of photos with you guys! Thanks for allowing me into your lives year after year and for inspiring me with your crazy, real family! Love you guys. :)