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The new PASS!

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Today I'm super excited to share with you a new online gallery that I'm absolutely STOKED about - the all new PASS! If any of you have hired me in the past year, you know that I've been using an online hosting company called Smugmug for all of my online hosting and web galleries. Smugmug has been great and I've been blessed to work with such a great company, but when I heard about PASS last fall, I knew this would blow everything else out of the water - and it has!

With everyone now having access to their internet at the tip of their fingers with all the incredible smart phones on the market, I've been looking for a new way to deliver files to my clients without a DVD. With the new PASS galleries, not only are the galleries super clean and stylish, but my clients can now download all their photos, order prints, share with their friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest... straight from their smart phones! Take a look at how clean this gallery looks:



If you want to see just one photo at at time, click on any photo to enlarge!



Click on the plus sign to the right and the world of sharing opens up. Share them directly to your Facebook wall without the hassle of downloading and uploading - PASS automatically does it for you! :)



As a photographer, it's also sweet that Pass automatically includes my website so my client's friends and family can see who the photographer is.




Not only is my client's view absolutely gorgeous... it's pretty cool lookin' on my end too! :)



 Not to mention super fast and easy to use - yay for more time with my husband!!



So that's PASS - pretty cool, huh? Since I'm making the switch to PASS, I'll be closing down my Smugmug account next week. (If you have a Smugmug gallery, you should've been sent an email notification already, but here's your reminder: if you'd like to order any prints from your Smugmug gallery, make sure you order them before March 22nd!)

Can't wait to send PASS your way - so SO excited about this new program. Have a fabulous Monday! :)

PS - If you want to see what a gallery looks like, click here.