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Winter is my slow season - a time to rest and think and brainstorm and prepare. 

But sometimes there are those brave folks that invite me into their homes for lifestyle sessions! 

These are some of my favorite because everyone is SO relaxed... 

And on this particular day, we cozied up into bed, started a fire, and watched the first snowflakes of the season fall. 

These boys have been delighted with their new baby sister (affectionately nicknamed, the Tiny Child), and this little man holds her as often as mom will let him! 

And holy cow... that serious look and those deep eyes? I almost didn't want to coax the laugh out him!! :)

blog 1.jpg

And also... those little feet are just plain adorable! :)

No big deal - just sitting on the kitchen floor holding a sweet baby. Nothing new here. :)

Near the end of our morning together, I tasked my husband with entertaining the little ones and convinced these two love birds to cuddle!


Not that they minded. :)

Aaron and Amanda, thanks so much for letting me crash your Saturday morning and photograph your adorable selves! LOVED getting to hang out with you - enjoy your photos! :)