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The red house

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So.... me.


I go wherever my clients want me. And I love it.


I love exploring new places!



Kyla had one all picked out.

A red house.


With amazing light.



With the snow! YAY!


(Back story. We postpone her session a few days so we could get some of the fresh snow. SO glad we waited!)



And... of course... her Henry.



But mostly with the red house.



How CUTE is that??



I love her hair.



It's short. And adorable. Just like her.


And her plaid jacket.


Beautiful, girl.


This red house had everything. (Redness... of course...)

Evergreen trees...





A woods....


Kyla wasn't too sure though.


She made me laugh though......

A lot.


And so did her mom.



Such cuties! :)


(Did I mention I love red houses?)