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Sometimes my family sessions are long and drawn out and we get to take hours to create beautiful imagery. But other times and most often, they're short and sweet.

My sister and her husband wanted to sneak in a quick session while I was in Minnesota a few weeks ago... but I don't think either one of us expected it to be SO brief! 


We awoke that morning to a bitter rain and bone-chilling COLD. 

But Mel bundled up her adorable children (and her adorable husband) and we set off for our cold and rainy photoshoot. 


15 minutes later I was in back in my warm car. Talk about a QUICK shoot! :)

I think the results are fabulous! 

blog 1.jpg

The clouds and rain made the fall colors deep and rich...

blog 2.jpg

And the little moments and connections were so sweet! 


Thanks for our quick shoot, Mel and Jose! Thanks for letting me photograph your cabbage patch kids! ;)