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A few days after Sunil and I found out were pregnant in May, some of my family came to visit! Morning sickness had JUST kicked in full swing, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to photograph my adorable nieces and nephews! When you have this much sweetness, all you need is some green grass and a comfy quilt... so we ended up shooting in our backyard!. :) 

Like, I mean... REALLY. 

Baby toes and fingers!! 

Their littlest guy was cutting teeth the entire time he was here, but barely cried! Baby grins like this make me excited for my own! :) 

One of the challenges that I really really enjoy as a family photographer is the effort it takes to get down on a kid's level and coax out a natural smile or laugh.

Every child is different, and some take a lot longer to break out of their shell and join me in silliness. It's what makes each session uniquely challenging and uniquely rewarding! 

Sometimes you even have to get the adults out of their shell and get them to be silly too! 

Thankfully Mel and Jose have lots of experience with that! ;) 

Thanks for driving all the way to Kansas to visit with us and putting up with a puking sister! Can't wait to see you again - Love you guys! :)