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When I make trips back to Minnesota to see family for holidays, birthdays, or just for fun... I always try to plan as many photo shoots with MN clients as possible! I was so fortunate to meet Stacey's family last fall (in our FREEZING cold morning session) and it was so great to connect with them again this last trip! 

Dad still keeps the family goofy with his dad jokes and crazy wild energy...

And they're still the cutest couple you ever did see!

We met at a popular neighborhood park and found all the hidden pathways so we could see the beautiful fall colors! 

Look at those silly grins!

So sweet!

Love her giggle! 

This family left for a trip to Disney the very next day!! I kept telling Stacey she must be crazy stressed, but she didn't seem a bit fazed. I think when you have kids you turn into a superhero who doesn't need sleep and never gets stressed... ;) 


Justin and Stacey, thank you SO much for allowing me to play with your family again!! It was so great to see you guys and I am in LOVED with how the photos turned out. I hope you had a lovely vacation to Disney!! :)