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The Tomlinson Family | Kansas City Family Photographer

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Sometimes it's tempting to put off photos until everything is perfect. 

The weather is perfect, the leaves are perfect, your hair is perfect, or the stars align in some magical way. 


Maybe you even wait until everyone is the right age, or everyone has the right outfit, or everyone feels the very best. 


But I love clients who embrace life as it is... 


Always aware that capturing family photos is less about getting everyone into a perfect pose, and more about solidifying memories of that moment forever. 


Because why not remember the good with the bad, the sick with the well, and the calm with the crazy? 


Amanda and Jared, I am so so thankful for the chance to work with you again this year! Even though poor Gus wasn't feeling well, I loved that we went with the flow and took things as they came - and look at the cute little grins we got!! Thanks for trusting me with your family memories and for being amazing to work with. Enjoy these photos!! <3