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The way we love back.

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There's this girl I know.

Her name is Amanda Joy too.

She is raising money for cancer research by shaving her head -

And I was there.

The moment it happened.

For Amanda, it was more than just raising money.

More than just shaving her head.

It was worship.

Worshiping her Creator - who had shown her love.

She decided to love others too...

By giving her hair to be made into a wig.

(Not until we played with the braids first though... duh!)

We're girls. We love our hair.

But she gave hers up.

I was honored to be a part of it all.

And to watch... as she gracefully and sacrificially gave.

And even though it will take some getting used to...

It's worth it.

And with support...

She'll make it.


She'll end up with a super AWESOME fro! :)

I love you, Amanda.