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Todo and Teux Deux

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I'm in love with lists. I make a list everyday - it's usually one of the first things I do in the morning. I remind myself to work out, to read my Bible, to eat lunch, and even to write someone an email. I'm useless without my lists.

I'm convinced that I work better and harder with a list. Now, you might not... and that's totally fine, but being able to track my productivity during the day is SO nice. And oh! How good it feels to scratch something off a list (take THAT, to-do-item-that's-been-hanging-over-my-head-for-weeks). :) For the past few years I've been using the good 'ol paper and pen.... but sometimes when I'm on the go it's hard to remember what I was supposed to get done.

Introducing my new BEST FRIEND! Teux Deux.




First of all... how cool is that name? Teux Deux? In the words of my beloved husband - rockin' awesome! Opening that browser/app every day makes me so feel so much more sophisticated.... And I like feeling sophisticated.


Secondly, one of the really cool parts about Teux Deux is instead of just having a daily check list, it even has a "Someday" section at the bottom! This is a place that I keep my goals and the things I hope to get done when I have time... and it's SO useful!! Having my goals/someday items in front of me at all times keeps them fresh in my mind. (Sometimes my goals go out of sight... out of mind... can you relate?)


Thirdly, it has an app. Now, I'm not an iPhone user, but there's an app called "TodoToday for TeuxDeux" for android that I downloaded that automatically syncs with my online lists! Yay for syncing!!




So whether you're a check list person, or just want to feel more sophisticated in the morning when you wake up (we all need a little help with that in the morning...), check out Teux Deux. It just might help you get more done! :)



TeuxDeux Part Deux from TeuxDeux on Vimeo.