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Note: This was originally a post about another one of my products - books! But then... it sorta morphed... Sorry.... :)


Yesterday, I left this on the table for my parents.

We've been planning it for about two months now...

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A memory. A tribute. A testament.

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To this whole past year. To this marriage. To them.

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I laid out pictures, picked words, and connected them with verses.

I've blogged most of these pictures, but I wanted them to have something.

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Something tangible.

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A book of memories, for them to enjoy together.

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It started out as an anniversary present, turned into a Father's day gift, and ended up being a random June 26th surprise for them.

Life gets busy I guess...

But, nonetheless, we did it. Me and my four sibs.

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I put the book together...

And we all signed it.

A tribute to my parents.