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We walked

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We walked, and I told you how I felt. Nervous. Insecure. Frustrated. Discouraged. Wondering whether to wait or pursue.

You listened to me, to my heart. You waited for me to be done, and then waited some more. Waited for my heart to empty so you could fill it again.



When I finally became silent, you spoke of grace. You asked me where my confidence rested. Was I really hoping in Christ or... me?

As you listened and as you spoke, my heart grew still. Filled with patience and resolve and refusing to believe that God has no purpose.



Then you affectionately reminded me that I'm your favorite person ever. And even though I have 3 double chins, you still love me (even though you're jealous that you don't have any).

So today I am thankful for you. Thankful for the 2,727 days that I've known you and the 327 days that I've been your wife.

Here's to 1 million more.