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Weekend with Joel and Sonia

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Every now and then, some of our family or friends from Minnesota brave the trip through Iowa and come visit us! Since we live about 7 hours away (and did I mentioned the trip through Iowa?), this is always a treat - and we LOVE hosting. :)

Last weekend Sunil's sister, Sonia, and her husband Joel took a weekend off and braved Iowa to come explore Kansas City (and maybe stop by for a visit...). :)

We have a few things we love to do with people when they come visit: 

1. Union Station! It's the BEST free place to go in downtown Kansas City and one of the most beautiful buildings around. 

2. Frolfing! Frisbee golfing is HUGE down here (there are quite a few professional courses), and it's a great way to get some exercise. 

3. Barbecue! Oklahoma Joe's is hands down THE BEST. (And I will use every excuse I can think of to make Sunil take me there.) End of story. :)

Well, Joel and Sonia were going to explore downtown, and they'd already had Okie Joe's, so we went frolfing of course! And I got distracted by the lovely flowers. (SPRING IS HERE!!) :)

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My favorite thing about Joel and Sonia is that they spread laughter everywhere they go. They both love to have a good time and they have the most contagious giggles. :)

These two have been best of friends since the middle of high school... it's crazy to think that they've known each other for about 10 years! 


So cute!! :)


Joel and Sonia, thanks so much for coming to visit us! We loved having you! :)