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A lovely afternoon

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Once upon a time, I got married. It was a month ago exactly today. Everyone and their mother came; it was a huge event. Even my family from out of town was there.

You see, I was a little stressed. It happens.... at times. So, I needed something different to do than wedding activities.

"Hey... I should do a photo shoot two days before my wedding!"

My brother and his wife flew in from California the week before the wedding. I hadn't seen them and their adorable girls in over a year - so what did I do? Shoot them! Yay! :)



Hannah. First born. Creative. Strong. Bold. Fearless. Adventurous.




Sarah. Middle child. Giggly. Adaptable. Sweet. Observant. Adorable.





Abby. Youngest (that-a-girl!). Inquisitive. Mobile. Tender. Affectionate.




The shoot wasn't too elaborate - simple in my backyard with a blanket.



However, I know as well as anyone - a great photo lasts a lifetime, no matter where it's taken.



And so we ran around the yard...




And snuggled lots.






And I was reminded... that could be me soon.