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Laundry and grocery shopping

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It was important. Our anniversary; it had been exactly 1 month since we got married. So we did something extravagant.

Laundry. Grocery shopping.

Doesn't that sound like a great anniversary?



Sunil handled it like a pro. (That's my hubby, girls!! He does laundry!)




Buttons and knobs? Well... those are his thing.




He was all sweet and wonderful.... until he started playing country music.

And then I just about threw up.  In the car.


So he took me to Target. Target makes me happy.



If you bring in coffee bags... you get free coffee!







So I, naturally, took pictures of the coffee. Everywhere we left it.



We use our phones a lot.



Especially to look up reviews and good deals! Isn't he smart?




More coffee...




Sunil was sad that we couldn't get a microwave. I was happy to take a picture with him.




If you look closely, the coffee is in the top left corner. See?



I was looking for bedspreads.... I promise. I don't stick my butt out at people like that normally.






We made out like bandits. Yay for wedding giftcards!



I like chips.



It must be an Indian thing; Sunil blesses his eggs. Why? To make sure there aren't any defective eggs, of course!



(I thought it was weird at first too... )




But that's why I married him. 1 month ago.