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Muffins and confidence

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Moving. Marriage. Kansas City. There's been lots of changes in my life lately.




There's been lots of changes in my business as well. My pricing is changing, my philosophy is changing, my website is changing, my clientele is changing, my goals are changing...





Change is scary to me. I'm a control freak, and I... well... "freak out" when I can't control little things in life. And my business? Well, l let's just say I'm attached to controlling that too...





I've had to take a lot of risks this month. I've step into new goals and dreams. Because goals don't meet themselves. And while it's been extremely difficult, scary and rewarding.... it doesn't seem to get easier. Confidence is too hard to come by. Am I scared? Scared that people will say no? Scared of what people will think of me? Yes.

But I'm doing it anyway. I'm saying yes to change. I'm embracing newness.





And I'm putting m&m's in my muffins instead of chocolate chips.