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This post will be mostly words.

Important words.

Because there aren't pictures to describe this.

I'm getting married in March to this guy named Sunil. He's adorable. (Just saying)

He loves Jesus. (What a coincidence!! So do I!!) He lives in Kansas.

So... we've been praying about this whole marriage thing, and apartment thing, and location thing.

God's been pretty clear.


"What?? Kansas??  Move?? Why, God?"


"But I'm leaving everything I've ever known, my job, my family, my community, my church, my... my...



"Right after we're married? Like right away? Why?"


And so I've been left with one answer: because.

Because that's what God's Word says: "Wives, submit to your husbands."

Because that's what Sunil says: "Amanda, trust me."

Because.  Because God told us to.

Because when God says "because", He means it. And it's always for my benefit and His glory.

We're moving to Kansas. And.... I'm kind of excited about it.  :)