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Moving! Questions you might have about Kansas...

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So Kansas. Moving.... That's been on my mind a lot lately.

What does this mean for Amanda Joy Photography?  Will I be doing photography in Kansas? Am I ever coming back?


What does this mean for Amanda Joy Photography?

Because I'm getting married in March (Saint Patrick's Day, baby!), I'll only be doing photography until the middle of February. I'm still available for photoshoots, but my availability is obviously a little less because I'm so busy... :) Once I move to Kansas, I'll be taking the month of April off to get settled and start shooting again in May down there. I know that business will be slow right away, but I'm hoping to get pretty busy buy the end of the summer! :) (Know anyone in Kansas City? Send them my way!)

Will I be doing photography in Kansas?

Yes, I will.  Amanda Joy Photography is moving to Kansas. However, since I'm making a vow to become a wife, that will now be my first priority. Hence, taking a month off right away...

Am I ever coming back? 

Yes. I'll be making frequent trips this next summer and fall to Minnesota. I have several weddings already booked, so I'll be coming back. Those times when I do come back, I'll be coming back a few days early, and staying a few days late to cram as many photo shoots into the week as possible! :) I'll be posting those dates as soon as I know them - stay tuned!!

Those are few questions that people might be asking, but if any of you have any other questions - please let me know! I'd love to answer them.

And since no post is good without a picture...

We got a crockpot. :D