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Vacations are from Jesus.

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It's Friday night. Dad just started his chemo. 

I'm sitting here thinking about family. Because I love family. And I love vacationing with family.

Random thoughts commencing:

The poor lil one was sick...

And uncle Brian teases too much.

But watching how people eat is quite entertaining.

Being in a picture is a first.

Being in a picture at my surprise bridal shower (with my brother in the background?? who invited him?) is a first too.

Cabins that have large windows are incredibly well lit.

And little girls with eyes that sparkle are adorable.

Her red hair makes my heart go pitter patter.

Him... not so much. (He's all yours, Melinda!)

Naps are from Jesus.

And so are chubby cheeks.

Eyelashes and tired heads make me go "awwww"...

And  little munchkins make me wanna cuddle.

That stare is adorable.

His furrowed brow is even better.

But oh!


Naps are from Jesus.

(And vacations.)