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I'm not dead. I promise.  

I'm just getting married. In two weeks. So I'm slightly busy. (Just a bit)

Busy with life and wedding plans and work and fundraisers and chemo and trying to sleep and photography and moving states and packing and getting sick and changing diets and everything else. Everything else.

But it just so happens that dad just finished his chemo round. And my wedding plans are planning themselves. And the fundraiser is done this weekend. And my last day of work is on Monday. And photography will have to wait. And moving states will happen one way or another.

So I'll just be here. Being. Being in the palm of His hand. Taking each day as it comes. (And writing thank you notes like mad!)

I am blessed. And I'll never be too busy to just be.

So this is me. Just being.



In other business news... I'll be back in Minnesota quite often this spring/summer, and I plan on staying busy shooting my brains out(not really... but kinda)! I'm planning on being back in May, June, July, August and possibly September.



As of yet, I don't have specific dates for all those trips yet, but once I know them, I'll post them here! Stay tuned. :)



If, however, you'd prefer to know right away, I'm going to send out an email (as soon as I know) with my available times/dates for shoots. Shoot me an email at:, and I'll add you to my list of "special people that I should contact first"!



Until then... stay warm.



And dry.



And pray for me. And my groom. :)