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I love you.

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I'm ten days away from being a married woman. Overwhelming? Just a bit. But I thought you should all meet my knight in shining armor. My Indian. My boy. But hey - no drooling, k? He's mine.



He's an amazingly attractive man. I mean - come on! Hot stuff, right thar!!



And I, for one, think we make an adorable couple. Don't we look good together?  (Bird beak meets triple chin.)



Especially when we dress up for double dates. Now THAT is styling. He takes me on the BEST dates. (Ladies... you're jealous. Admit it. )



Our story? Well, it's a long one. I've known this man for 7 years. I'll tell it someday... just not tonight. Tonight I'm thinking about the day when we won't be long distance anymore. The day when we'll actually be in the same room and I'll just be able to look at him and know what he's thinking. The day when we don't have to say painful goodbyes anymore. That day is only 10 days away.



Sunil, I love you.