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Before and Now: Kitchen

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Growing up, my family had a large kitchen. Tons of counter space, breakfast bar, walls of cabinets, and plenty of space to linger over pots of food (and piles of dishes!). Dad and I would solve the world's problems while we peeled potatoes at the counter, mom and I would talk about raising kids while we (she) chopped veggies, and dinner time around the table was always full of laughter, good talks, and comfort.

I loved having a big kitchen, not so much because I loved to cook (still working on that!), but because it's so much less formal than the dining room. Guests turn into family when they clear dishes, help themselves to whatever is in our fridge, and sit on our counter to finish that great conversation - and I love every second of it. 

When we bought this house, we knew we'd be working with a bit of a smaller space specifically in the kitchen - but we loved the walk-through layout and the potential it carried. Sunil immediately began scheming ideas of how to install a dishwasher for me (we never had one!), where to put it, and how to move heaven and earth to make it all look pretty (just for me!). I'm a modern girl at heart, so I dreamed of white cabinets, grey walls, and simple, fresh design. 

This is how it looked when we bought it. Simple. And I really did love it... because it was mine. :)  

This is our kitchen now! 

One of the biggest things we tried right away was moving the fridge to the empty opposite wall! We put up temporary shelves in its place - just to see if it would work for us! And it did! Last fall we hired our good friend Joe Timm to come install the dishwasher, new open shelving above the dishwasher, and another cupboard on the right side. The original plan was to add a butcher top counter top over the dishwasher to extend the counter.  

(This is our Clutter Corner. #reallife)

After Joe installed the dishwasher, shelves, and new cabinet for us, we decided (while we were at it!) that butcher block was so beautiful - why not do the whole counter top? 

One thing lead to another, and soon we were redoing the back-splash as well! (Yay projects!) 

Sunil created and installed under-cabinet lighting (ITS MOTION SENSOR!!) and it gives the entire kitchen a lovely bright feeling. 

The butcher block is SO beautiful!! Joe did such an awesome job! 

The cabinet to the right of the dishwasher was almost too narrow to a shelf, so Joe installed three sliding drawers for us. It's the perfect space for a mini pantry! 

He also custom designed a wine-glass rack to sit right above our open shelves, and stained it to match the cabinets! It fits perfectly. :) 

Overall it's much brighter, there's LOADS more counter space, and we have more storage! Did I mention I have a real life dishwasher now?? It's really the best thing we did for our house!! :)

Excuse me while I go do my dishes (in less than 30 seconds!). 



Y'all. Joe does amazing work. If you're ever interested in any woodworking ideas/projects/dreams that you want done, and done well, give him a call! Love this guy!