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Jerry & Janet | Legacy Lifestyle Photographer

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I have two lovely friends - Jerry and Janet. They've been best friends for 48 years now. 

My friendship with them began at church; I'd sit and listen to their stories and ask questions about how they met. Hand in hand, they've lived a lot of life together. 

They've had their ups and downs - just as every relationship does. When I asked them their secret to a successful, thriving, and happy marriage, they replied with one word: God. 

Only God could bring them through years of family heartache and medical complications. Their beautiful life together has not been easy... but it has been beautiful. 

I invited myself over one afternoon to document their obvious and unwavering love for one another. We sat and reminisced as they flipped through old photo books - their most treasured possessions. 

Janet smiled her delightful smile and reminded me that God can be trusted even through the most difficult of circumstances. 

That's when the lump in my throat started. 

They open their home to anyone and everyone: family, neighbors, and friends in need. And especially Jerry's little girlfriend who lives across the street, and wanders over for a cookie on occasion. :)

I'm so thankful these people are in my life. 

To remind me of grace, of God's unwavering faithfulness, and to show me what it looks like to run their race well

I left with a lump in my throat.