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Before and Now: Office

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One of my favorite things to browse through on Pinterest and Instagram is home offices - simple, clean, crisp, and organized. Make them black and white and I will drool all day long!! Office envy is a real thing, ya'll. 

In the 7+ plus years I've been running my business, I've never had a dedicated home office. I'd set up my computer in the living room of our apartment, in the guest bedroom of our duplex, at the table in our kitchen, and anywhere else we had extra space. And you know what? It worked. I've never been one to need lots of storage space; in fact, I LOVE living a minimal and simple lifestyle, and that includes my office space! But when we bought our first house a few years ago, one of the requirements for us was to have an extra room that could double as my office.... or JUST be my office. 

Well, we found a house with 3 bedrooms! This is what the smallest bedroom looked like when we bought it, and we immediately made plans to make it my very own and very first home office. 

Yay peach walls! (not. ew.)

Since my business colors are black and white, I made a bold move and painted one wall black (chalkboard paint!), and the rest light grey. I love clean, white, modern furniture, so basically... Ikea is my happy place. 

Even a monochromatic office needs pops of color! Fake plants make me feel confident and BB-8 is a little droid I won for attending a tech meeting with my husband! Pretty fitting for today being May the 4th, right? 

Writing on the wall done by my talented friend Jessica! Because my handwriting looks terrible. True story. 

Jess also gifted us a set of these Minnesotan coasters not long after we were married, so I keep one in my office to remember my homegrown roots! 


I also keep a high school photo of my hubby hiding in a plant because it reminds me what he looked like when I first met him. (He legitimately looks like a different person!) He's still my favorite. 

Yay clean desks!! 


Here's how lazy I am. Those curtains (Ikea!) are too long and drags on the ground, so I simply draped them over the rods in the most carefree way. And I'm not even sorry.... :) 

Washi tape is my best friend. I use it in every room of the house and it allows me to hang free printed designs from Pinterest without ruining my paint or tearing my decor! I got this tape set from (can you guess?) Ikea! All prints are from Pinterest - for free! 

Somehow having shelves and shelves of books makes me feel smart and accomplished. Someday I'd love to own a whole room of bookshelves packed to overflowing!! 

Look how light and pretty it is!! 

My new iMac is so happy here... :)