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A Home for Hosting - the Mohinani Motel

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When Sunil and I got married and moved to Kansas, we knew we'd be hosting people a lot. With Sunil knowing just about everyone in the world and their mother, Kansas City being in the middle of the states, and our families living out of town, we knew people would end up staying with us quite a bit. And we loved every moment of it. (Actually Sunil did. I took some warming up to the idea.)


Never one to say no to people, Sunil and I made it work. Giving up our bed, sleeping on the couch, blowing up an air mattress for the living room floor... it all became a way of showing people love and giving them a safe place to be.

We started out with a one bedroom apartment, moved to a two bedroom duplex, then bought our three bedroom house a few years ago and breathed a sigh of relief. We finally had a guest bedroom. 

We now fondly refer to our home as the Mohinani Motel and keep the guest bedroom ready for visitors at all times. Sheets clean, room picked up, and extra supplies and toothbrushes at hand.

We have people over so often that our friends and family will now invite themselves over to our house without permission because they've been told over and over again that they're always welcome. 


And we're pretty sure that's the best compliment we could ever receive. 

Because isn't that what having a house is for? 

Creating a place for anyone to feel loved, cared for, and safe. 

And whether that means a bed to sleep on for the night, a place to find escape, to be fed, to be listened to, to cry, to laugh, or just to snuggle with our adorable puppy... 

That's our home, and you're always welcome. (Just please knock first.)