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My Parents | Anniversary Legacy Photographer

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It had been a long, emotional month for all of us. With dad's most recent scan revealing additional cancer and the doctor's lack of options, mom and dad are faced with an unknown future. Last weekend, along with my four siblings and their families, Sunil and I made a trip up to Minnesota to spend time with my parents. The house was loud and gloriously full with eleven grandkids (and two grand-puppies!) under foot, as the rest of us casually fell into conversations that varied from memories of our childhood, to questions about how mom and dad met and fell in love, to unhoped for but inevitable plans for the future which seems to loom large ahead of us. 

Being the photographer of the family, my heart longs to document each moment - happy or sad - to wrap up and hold forever. It's why I choose to carry my camera and photograph the surgeries, the pain, the chemo, the conversations, the radiation, and the tears that often accompany it all. With that in mind, I convinced my beautifully photogenic parents to allow me to document their love as it exists during this emotional season of life. 


In typical Minnesotan fashion, the weather was sunny and brisk - a mere 45 degrees. But it allowed me to convince them to snuggle close without complaint. 

My parent's property sits on a corner lot with barely an acre, but having spent 20 years of my life exploring our yard, we were able to find the perfect nooks with the mostly lovely sunset light. 

This is how I remember my parents best. Especially since photos of them curled up like this are my favorites from our last photo shoot together almost four years ago. Just look at how cute they are! 

My mother carries such strength in her eyes. Strength to keep fighting, to keep hoping, and to go on one more day....

And to look straight into the unknown future.