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When I tell people that my favorite type of session to photograph is a family with several little kids, most people (and photographers too!) look at me with surprise. I guess it's because most people assume that little kids are really really difficult to photograph! 

And in a way... they're definitely not wrong. 


Let's face it: most little kids don't care about cameras. Sitting still and looking pleasantly in one direction at a crazy lady behind a camera is really not how many toddlers spend their free time. 

But one of the things that draws me to family photography so irresistibly is the unpredictability of it all. 

You really never know what is going to happen when you put two adults in one spot, a multitude of little children around them, tell them to look relaxed, jump up and down like a crazy woman to get everyone's attention, and hope for the best. (And hope that your images aren't blurry from all the jumping!)


On many occasions, there are tears and tantrums. By kids and adults alike. ;) 


But there are other moments too. Smiles, giggles, and laugher often show up in brief moments, and I have to be ready to grab them before they quickly disappear. 

When it comes to family photography, I have a love-hate relationship with control. 


I prep my clients about outfits, locations, and expectations, then guide them to the best spots for light, give them brief directions and step back to watch the magic (or the disaster) unfold. 

It's a beautiful (and hard) combo of controlled and free. Posed and candid. Stale and lifestyle.

And while I LOVE giving my clients images where everyone is happily gazing at the camera... 

My favorites moments are the ones afterward, before, or in between. 

From the drooly, tired, happy snorts... 

To the dirt piles that turn into magical imaginary places... 


And literally anything in between. 


Micah and Ashley... how are we ever going to top this?? We may have to just stop here and pray that the boys never grow up and no one ever changes! :) Your boys are delightful; working with your sweet little family is always a pleasure, and I'm SO in love with how the photos turned out! Love you guys! <3