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I say it every year. Photographing another photographer's family TERRIFIES me. 

I get really nervous before each family session that I shoot, but even more so if I know that another professional is watching me. (What if my battery dies and I don't have a backup? What if I drop my camera and look like an idiot? What if I forget how to work it?? What if I fall in a puddle or a giant spider comes and eats me?) The struggle is real, guys. 

Then we start shooting and I remember the truth... 


They are real people too. 


And all people need photos of themselves with their lovely family.


Whether it's glamorous and put together... 

Or mostly just silly and a little bit on the crazy side! 


Which is why sometimes the outtakes are my favorite photos from the session!! (Like this one! I couldn't stop giggling!!)

So at the end of the day, what really matters is that you have each other....


And photos to show it. :) 


Stacey and Justin, we did it again!! I'm so proud of how we get better each year, even though we don't think we ever can! So excited for you guys as you welcome this new little baby boy into your family - I can't wait to see it next year. :) Much love! XO