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It happened over a year ago. I started adding an event to my calendar once a month - Brainstorming day.  


A day to head over to a coffee shop with my laptop and my brain and do nothing more than brainstorm.



Business. Goals. Plans. Dreams. For my business, but also for my life...  And how I wanted it to all fit together.



Now, a year later, I have a husband. A partner for life. And I'm no longer planning and hoping and dreaming for one life.



Now there's two of us. Which means more conversations. More communications. More vocalizations. Now we get to pray, dream, plan and brainstorm together.

But it also means more vulnerability. Now he sees all my dreams. My goals. My goals. And how realistic they are... or how unrealistic they are. And now I have accountability.... to get things done.



Do you have accountability? Are you getting things done?