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I'm from Minnesota

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I'm from Minnesota. I learned to drive on ice. Negative temperatures are normal. I have 6 coats. And even more flannel. And I may just say "ya betcha" every now and then. I miss the snow.

Before we went back to Minnesota for Christmas, there wasn't much snow in Kansas City(until, of course, the day we decide to leave the city). It didn't feel like Christmas. Thankfully, Kansas City got a good dumping a few days after we got back - just in time for a beautiful white New Year.


Sunil and I grabbed our coats and headed to our favorite secret spot. We knew it'd be beautiful - and it was. This is a shot I've been wanting to get for quite a while. :)



My oh my. How I love that beard of his....






I was sick. It was a hat and flannel day. But he insisted. :)













And now I'm going to go listen to Christmas music. Happy Christmas in January. :)